Super clean - perfect for college student or short commute. Always garaged
Will trade for the right Hoyt Prevail Target bow or Volvo C30 performance parts or a decent shape jet skiJust got new gasket kit installed in the carburetor ,gas tank and carb need to be reinstalled Led tail light Bopper tires Belt and variator and dr pulley sliders are almost newBattery is new been on maintainer I have too many bikes to deal with is reason for selling Title in hand
2018 Honda Ruckus, 2018 Honda Ruckus Rucktacular Wonder what all the ruckus is about when it comes to the Honda Ruckus There are probably some folks like those born into royalty that will never get it. But for the rest of us, the Ruckus is a breath of fresh air a rugged, minimalist scooter that you don t have to polish like grandma s silver, and that doesn t need a staff of servants to keep it ...
2016 Honda Ruckus, 2016 Honda Ruckus The Ruckus has a unique design, with wide tires, a bare-bones frame and double headlamps. It has a 49cc engine that gets you wherever you need to go, without guzzling gas. A V-matic automatic transmission offers seamless power in and out of traffic. And an electric starter gives you faster get-up-and-go.
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